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How long does the bolus stay active?

Our bolus has an extended lifetime of over 6 years. This means it can effectively monitor your cows' biometrics throughout multiple lactation cycles. Considering the average lifespan of a cow in North America spans approximately 2.5 lactations, our bolus is designed to last for the entire productive period of your cows. You can rely on its durability and longevity to consistently gather valuable data for enhanced herd management and health monitoring.

Sometimes, a rumen bolus comes off a cow. Do you have your boluses come off? 

At Cattle Scan, we have taken great care in designing our boluses to stay securely in place once administered. We have not encountered cases of our boluses coming out cows. Our boluses are specifically engineered to ensure they remain firmly positioned within the rumen for the entire monitoring period.

Do I need Wi-Fi in my barn?

While having Wi-Fi in your barn is recommended for optimal connectivity and real-time data access, it is not a requirement to use the Cattle Scan system. We understand that not all farms have Wi-Fi coverage in every area. Therefore, we offer a self-contained solution that allows you to overcome this hurdle and still benefit from our system's capabilities. Our self-contained solution ensures that you can track and monitor your cows' biometrics even in areas without Wi-Fi access. It provides flexibility and convenience, allowing you to gather valuable insights regardless of your barn's Wi-Fi availability.

What if the bolus stops working earlier than expected? 

We take pride in the reliability of our system and continually strive to enhance its performance. In the unlikely event that a bolus malfunctions or ceases to work before the expected lifespan, we have you covered. We offer a replacement guarantee within 2 years from the initial installation. Simply reach out to our customer support team, and we will promptly provide you with a replacement bolus to ensure uninterrupted monitoring of your cows' biometrics. Your satisfaction and the smooth operation of our system are our top priorities.

I would like to try Cattle Scan on my farm, but I don't want to commit to the whole herd. Is there any option for me to validate your system?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of validating our system's benefits on your farm before committing to the entire herd. That's why we offer a trial period specifically designed for this purpose. During the trial, you can select 20% of your cows to participate, allowing you to experience all the benefits of the Cattle Scan system firsthand. We will assist you in setting up the system and provide recommendations tailored to your specific processes, ensuring a seamless integration and customization of the solution for your operation. This trial period allows you to validate the system's performance and witness its full potential in action. We are confident that once you experience the benefits, you will be impressed with the results.

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