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Cattle Scan and AgriScience Program are looking for tie-stall dairy farms in Ontario for
Cow Health and Water Monitoring Project.

Animal health is a major driver of productivity in the dairy sector, with losses in the millions of dollars due to health-related events and mortality. Currently, most farmers and herd managers monitor individual cows and the whole herd using mainly visual inspection. However, by the time visual symptoms are present, the disease has usually progressed to a point where a higher level of treatment and medical intervention is required.

*only 2 spots left!

Funded in part by the Government of Canada under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership’s AgriScience Program, a federal, provincial, and territorial initiative.

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The Project.

The project will start at the end of 2022 and will last for 6 months. During the project, we will provide you with the necessary equipment to collect the data. A group of selected tie-stall dairy farmers will use Cattle Scan to track animals' health and behavior events and receive recommendations on how to increase profitability on their farms. The expert group of this project will consist of bovine partitionists and academics from the University of Guelph, as well as other industry experts.

  What's in it for you?


  • An opportunity to try a rumen bolus monitoring technology on your farm

  • Identify and treat sick animals sooner

  • Reduce antibiotic use and premature culling

  • Reliable calving detection alerts

  • Increase farm profitability 

  • Receive recommendations from an expert group

  • Discounted price for the Cattle Scan system after the project.


Cattle Scan, an Ontario-based company, has developed an affordable livestock monitoring system that tracks animals' biometrics and behavior parameters of individual cows in real-time using a sensor located inside the cow's reticulorumen. The system can be complementary to any existing technology you may have on your farm. Cattle Scan allows remote tracking on a 24/7 basis and can identify a sick animal 2-3 days prior to when visual symptoms appear, immediately sending a “health alert” to your phone or computer.

There is an opportunity for tie-stall dairy farmers to try new technology to help identify sick animals sooner, increase milk production and reduce premature culling.

*only 2 spots left!

How the Cattle Scan System works:

The bolus is inserted into the animal at the earliest opportunity. Once inside the cow, the bolus starts transmitting readings to receivers, installed in the building, that transmit the data to an on-site computer where the temperature, animal identification, date and time can be viewed and are recorded.

Here is what our clients say about the Cattle Scan System:

Send us your details if you are interested in participating in this project. It's FREE.

*only 2 spots left!

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