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Identify sick cows sooner and reduce milk losses with Cattle Monitoring Bolus

Cattle Scan presents a proven technology that allows dairy farmers to facilitate real-time monitoring of individual cattle, helping advance business sustainability and operational excellence.


Our system is proven to improve cow welfare and production efficiency, reduce treatment costs and mortality rates, and help maintain your bottom line.

Funded in part by the Government of Canada under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership’s AgriScience Program, a federal, provincial, and territorial initiative.

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How the Cattle Scan System works?

Cattle Scan, an Ontario-based company, has developed an affordable livestock monitoring system that tracks animals biometrics and behaviour parameters of individual cows in real-time using a sensor located inside the cow's reticulorumen.


The system can be complementary to any existing technology you may have on your farm. Cattle Scan allows remote tracking on a 24/7 basis and can identify a sick animal 2-3 days prior to when visual symptoms appear, immediately sending a “health alert” to your phone or computer.

The bolus is inserted into the animal at the earliest opportunity. Once inside the cow, the bolus starts transmitting readings to receivers, installed in the building, that transmit the data to an on-site computer where the temperature, animal identification, date and time can be viewed and recorded.

Improve production efficiency

Animal Welfare Is Our Priority

At Cattle Scan, we are dedicated to using technology to improve the welfare of dairy cows. Our innovative solutions are designed to make the lives of cows more comfortable and stress-free. For example, our sensor systems monitor the cows' activity levels, health, and eating habits, allowing farmers to quickly identify any issues and take action to address them.


Improve animal welfare

Cattle Scan Benefits


Reproduction Management & Calving Time Detection

  • Precise heat detection tool and customized reports.

  • Get a cow into a calving pen on time.

  • Improve cow and calf health monitoring.

  • Reduce postpartum complications.


& Individual Water Intake

Core Body Temperature

  • Monitoring rumination of cows, groups and the herd.

  • Compare changes in rumination trends.

  • Make better grouping decisions.

  • Optimize water supply and monitor feed efficiency. 

  • ​Helps you identify sick cows & calves

  • Takes over 100 measurements per day

Sign up for a 6 months Trial Package now to see Cattle Monitoring Bolus in action.

The Trial Package offer is available until February 28, 2023.

Detect illnesses sooner

Here is what our clients say about the Cattle Scan System:

More and more farmers choose innovative technology when it comes to increasing the efficiency of their farm operations.  Monitoring cows 24/7 allows for earlier intervention, which results in quicker recovery, reduced treatment costs, labour savings, and ultimately increasing the profitability of the farm.

Reduce Milk Losses

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