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Which one of your cows is sick? 

An average size dairy producer in Ontario loses $14K worth of milk per year.

Animal health is a major driver of productivity in the dairy sector.

By the time, cows are showing signs of illness on visual inspection or milk production has dropped, the condition has often progressed to the point that requires time-consuming and costly treatment.

Once a cow is sick, the lactation curve rarely goes back to its previous level.

Unfortunately, in 99% of cases where the lactation curve has fallen due to an illness, the milk yield never returns to the prior level resulting in a permanent loss of production.  How can you identify a sick cow before her milk production drops?

Avoid decreases in milk production related to poor cow health

Reduce treatment costs while providing better information for health management.


The Cattle Scan system employs a rumen bolus and small in-barn receivers to monitor animal wellness in real-time. With just a smartphone and this made-in-Ontario technology, the health of each individual animal can be tracked – and issues predicted – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Cattle Scan identifies a sick animal 2-3 days prior to the appearance of visual symptoms or milk yield begins to drop


Why is it important for you:









Cattle Scan measurements are recorded every fifteen minutes, customizing notifications around each cow’s specific health patterns. That means more accurate readings, more timely alerts, and more efficient remedies. It’s an automation solution for lower stress, more efficient herd management, and higher profitability. 

Cattle Scan knows when a cow is sick 2-3 days before her activity changes and milk drops.

Find out how Cattle Scan can help you save time while improving profitability and animal wellness.


What people say about us

I see my herd eleven hours a day, six days a week, but Cattle Scan monitors
around the clock and sends alerts to my phone when a cow is in distress.

Those health alerts and water intake measurements deliver unbelievable value.

— Hank Jansen, Herd Manager

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