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An average size dairy producer in Ontario loses $14K per year on cow health events that can be preventable

Animal health is a major driver of productivity in the dairy sector, with losses in the millions of dollars due to health-related events and mortality.

Currently, most farmers and herd managers monitor individual cows and the whole herd using mainly visual inspection. However, by the time visual symptoms are present, the disease has usually progressed to a point where a higher level of treatment and medical intervention is required.

How often do you see the lactation curve goes back to what you expected before your cow was sick? 

Unfortunately, in 99% of cases, if the laction curve is crashed due to a cow's sickness, the milk yield never goes back to the expected level of production. As a milk producer, who based cow tracktion decision mainly on milk production, you have nothing but bit the bullet and accept the under-production of that cow. How can you catch a sick cow BEFORE she drop on the milk? Especially, during the transition period?  


Cattle Scan is a system that can identify a sick animal 2-3 days prior to when visual symptoms appear or milk yield dropped.

Cattle Scan monitors your herd 365 days a year 24 hours per day and immediately sends a “health alert” to the herd manager. 

Using bolus will enable you to monitor and detect elevated temperature and decreases in water intake in your animals, helping you detect and treat illnesses sooner and more effectively.  

Cattle Scan will catch a sick cow before she dropped on milk yield.

Built in Ontario, Cattle Scan developed an affordable livestock monitoring system that tracks critical health and behaviour parameters of individual cows and of an entire herd in real-time using a sensor located inside the cow's reticulorumen. The reticulorumen sensor, BOLUS, is an innovative technology, allows taking 96 prods every day from inside of the cow. In contrast to collars and leg bands, the bolus is maintenance-free and easy to install. 


We saw that, given the cost of the boluses and the real-time information you could garner, there was management and animal health value.

Learn more about Cattle Scan from our clients:

Cattle Scan provides you with a holistic approach to Herd Management. 


identify sick animals sooner

Lower Treatment Costs


Reduce premature culling


Secure milk yield


HEalth alerts

24/7 monitoring 

96 probs per day


Timely SMS or Email alerts


Calving detection

Calving Alert will enable you to monitor the preparation for calving and be there at the right time



Enjoy a user-friendly interface to keep your records and comments for each cow, whole herd or task for your vet


data control

You decide who and when will get access to your data. Will it be your family member, vet or other consultants.

Today is an opportunity to join progressive farmers who already use Cattle Scan's innovative technology. Book a call with one of our Customer Success Specialists to lean more on how Cattle Scan can help you drive up your farm's profitability

How Cattle Scan Works

Telemetry Rumen Bolus 

continuously records and transmits health data


Antenna installed in a barn exchanges data

with a cloud platform

CATTLE SCAN_LOGO without tagline.png

Client Site or Mobile App is used to access information on the cow health data  

Cattle Scan complements any existing technology you may have on your farm.

Innovative farmers say: When you get an alert from Cattle Scan, use it as a management tool, and check these animals to see their health status

Calving_Cattle Scan.jpg

Calving is a key moment in the life of your dairy farm. Cattle Scan has created a particularly innovative and effective solution to optimize monitoring your calvings with peace of mind. With the Cattle Scan system, you receive texts which will enable you to monitor the preparation for calving and be there at the right time.

Applying Cattle Scan sensor systems could provide significant benefits to your herd by increasing the quantity and quality of individual animal monitoring.

You will improve your results with more live calves and fewer post-partum complications.

Calving solution from Cattle Scan can significantly improve calf survival, cow and calf health, and the profitability of your operation. 

Calving detection

Progressive farmers say: We were noticing some decrease of water intake because of some bullying that was going on with some of the animals

Water intake monitoring

Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 3.36.04 PM.png

Observing cow's water intake by using Cattle Scan WI tool, will help you address management and grouping concerns. Cattle Scan WI tool will track individual and herd daily water consumption. You will have a precise view of how much and when your cow is drinking.

If the water intake pattern derailed off the normal range, the WI tool will generate an alert and send it to your phone or email.

Once the case of bullying is observed, you can make an informed decision on changing the cow groups.

Our clients say: Elevated temperature and alerts from Cattle Scan allow us to focus on those animals that had an underlying infection that wasn't really presenting itself clinically yet

Computer Monitor

Still keep your records on paper?

Cattle Scan provides access to a user-friendly record management interface, so you won't miss an important note or a task anymore.


Through a mobile phone or Web at your choice, you will have access to your heard data from any place in the World.

Progressive farmers say: "If we can treat them [cows] early, their recovery is much faster and the amount of treatment required is mush less

Ease communication with your Vet

Keeping your vet up-to-date on all the health events on your farm sometimes requires extra hours for you as well as for your vet. This may even reflect the amount on the bill at the end of the month. With Cattle Scan Record Management it takes just a couple of clicks to share the monitoring data with your vet or other professionals you work with.

You can also benefit from the extra features of the system. It's easy, intuitive and extremely effective for your herd management. 


When you use Cattle Scan system as a management tool, allow it to monitor your herd, keep all your records, and interact with your vet, the cows of the system is quickly covered.


What people say about us

I see my herd eleven hours a day, six days a week, but Cattle Scan monitors
around the clock and sends alerts to my phone when a cow is in distress.

Those health alerts and water intake measurements deliver unbelievable value.

— Hank Jansen, Herd Manager

Sounds like you may benefit from the Cattle Scan? 


Do you still have questions? Give us a call:

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