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Cattle Scan Monitoring Bolus

Cattle monitoring can't be easier

Cattle Scan Bolus

The Cattle Scan bolus implants are made from medical-grade plastic and shaped-like bullets for aerodynamic purposes and easy ingestion, so they can be quickly and easily positioned into the rumen of your cattle with a bolus gun.
Cattle Scan monitors the temperature of each individual member of your herd, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, taking into account normal temperature fluctuations such as when the cattle are eating, drinking, moving around or sleeping.
This data is transmitted to the herd manager instantly. If a cow’s temperature moves outside of the normal set parameters then the system sends an immediate alert to the farmer or a herd manager responsible for them so they can take immediate action to remove the risk, treat the sick animal and solve the issue before diseases spread.


Placement of the CattleScan Bolus

A cow's rumen is an ideal and reliable site for the continuous recording of high-quality data. To record the cows’ key physiological data we use a bolus located directly in the rumen. The Cattle Scan sensor portioning provides numerous benefits for the farmer and the animals.
Cattle Scan system is maintenance-free and enables the collection and recording of reliable high-quality data.


Using our unique R&D capabilities alongside our practical understanding of agriculture, we have been able to deliver a solution that does exactly what is needed.

  • Enable Health Alerts of Animal Automatically – continuous monitoring 24/7 via computer station or a mobile screen

  • Ensure Animal Illnesses are Detected and Intervene Early – you will know they are getting sick before they show it.

  • Finish Cattle Quicker – when they get sick you still have to feed them, yet they won’t gain weight or produce milk.

  • Reduce Treatment Costs – treat the cattle early you will stop the disease early.

  • Reduce Mortality Rates – cattle showing visible signs of disease will most likely not recover fully​


Livestock disease is very often curable if detected early.

Herd animals rarely show outward signs of sickness until it is too late, they are seriously ill and have put the entire herd in danger.

Each year thousands of cattle are killed due to tuberculosis, Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus (BVD) and Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD).


These diseases can be spotted at the earliest stage with CattleScan bolus tracking solutions, which monitor your cattle’s temperature, enabling you to quarantine the cows that are sick so the rest of the herd is protected.

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